#NASN2014 Countdown has begun

I’m almost packed and ready to go! The caravan is hitting the road soon for San Antonio. It has been fun seeing everyone’s tweets from #NASN2014 so far. Tomorrow I am excited to attend the Pre-Con workshop for J&J Fellows. Can’t wait to see some of the Nurses we met last summer. (Hey New Jersey Nurses!)

I was very fortunate to be able to attend the J&J School Nurse Leadership Institute last summer with five other fantastic Klein ISD Nurses: Beth Pali, Yvonne Clarke, Brittany Llloyd, Linda Rosemeyer and Laurie Combe. I highly recommend this program to any School Nurse who wants to grow her leadership and presentation skills, and meet some wonderful mentors. Check out the link below to learn more about their program. Then assemble your team of School Nurses and apply!



Author: Regina Wysocki

I'm Clinical Data Specialist in the Texas Medical Center. An avid Social Media consumer, I'm interested in the latest and greatest technology innovations and how they interact with healthcare.

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